Trojan 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries- Review 2023, Key Features, Pros and Cons

There is a rapid change noticed in the battery technology and it is getting hard to keep up.  It is difficult to tell the added advances of the previous generation and the perfect application suitable for the battery.  We all know that the 6 volt golf cart batteries can be used in several applications. It can be used in lighting up the tent while camping on holidays with loved ones or powering up the gaming for a long-lasting charge. There can be diverse requirements in 6 volt golf cart batteries and implementation of the golf cart batteries.

They are specially designed to enhance the cycle life of the battery and are subjected to daily deep discharge cycles. The primary goal of the 6 volt golf cart batteries is to offer the necessary energy and power for several activities such as sports, hobbies, and during holidays. We all are aware of the huge demand in terms of the requirements in charge in quite a lot of areas.  These can be inserted in several battery-powered vehicles such as electric bikes, Electric canal boats, Powered driven cart buggies and fast-paced barges.  

We have done comprehensive research on the application of the Trojan T105 batteries. Starting from their characteristics to their unique construction to cover their application and deep cycle requirements.  A battery has several properties that make them stand out amongst others such as deep discharge recovery, capacity, life cycle, weight, and shelf life. The construction of a battery is said to be the toughest to keep the deep cycle life and resistance to the construction of lead-acid batteries.  

Features Of The Trojan 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries 

The batteries must be preferred over the other available option as the study shows that Trojan golf cart batteries last longer than other lead-acid batteries in general. They require very less maintenance with high durability. One of the best features that the Trojan T105 battery has is that they do not lose power while the voltage dips which is one of the most common issues in batteries. Further, the rate of recharge is much faster in 6 volt golf cart batteries compared to others and they last longer. Finally, the weight concerns are eliminated in this battery. Keeping all the features in mind, they are said to be very light weighted. 

We will study all the above-mentioned advantages of Trojan T 105 6v golf cart batteries in detail for the convenience of the user’s consideration while purchasing 6 volt golf cart batteries –

  • Battery Life–

The Trojan golf cart batteries are considered one of the best selections amongst all the collections of 6 volt golf cart batteries. It is a deep cycle battery that offers an array of capacities as well as copes with the requirements and demands made by the customers. A 6 volt electric golf cart battery takes up less than 12 hours to recharge to its full capacity. Since Trojan golf cart batteries have a high capacity it means that they have a preferably good quality battery charger as it is very essential. One of the main advantages you get while using Trojan T 105 6v golf cart batteries is that they have a low discharge rate. If the battery is overcharged, it prevents grid corrosion and prevents the battery from dying down soon. 

  • Temperature Independence– 

It is said that the battery’s durability can be determined by the ambient temperature. Research shows that the battery life is relatively halved if the temperature is elevated and the electric golf cart batteries decline rapidly. Through regular maintenance, the overall lifecycle of Trojan golf cart batteries can be increased.

  • Depth of discharge – 

When you are out camping with friends, discharge can be very difficult to control when using it in various appliances. Even the life cycle of the batteries can be affected by the discharge. This 6v golf cart batteries have a lead-acid battery that offers features along with a tubular design that provides a safeguard against the over-discharge issue. The Trojan golf cart batteries come with high-pressure tabular grids with lead-antimony. All lead-acid in the general batteries needs to be charged properly and the solution of acid needs to be kept over the top of the plates. Those batteries need to be kept properly charged in winter to avoid freezing damage which can also decrease the durability. They need to be checked on from time to time to avoid persistently overcharged batteries to avoid damage. 

  • Tubular plated –

The Trojan 6 volt golf cart batteries intend to have long life through higher capacity. They use the standby application which can be commonly seen in large factories, telephone exchanges and mining vehicles. The tubular plated helps the 6 volt golf cart batteries to last longer compared to the other ones. 

  • Maintenance of Trojan T105 battery –

Maintenance is a key technique that will determine the life span of any battery. For Trojan 6v golf cart batteries the Maintenance is comparatively simpler. The battery level must be checked every month. The terminals of the 6 volt golf cart battery contain a build-up layer after regular use which is needed to be removed. The plugs at the vent can be cleaned by using just a brush contained in water and baking soda. You can even clean the thin film using petroleum jelly around the cable connectors and bolts. 

  • Weight Of The Trojan T 105 6 Volt Battery –

The 6 volt golf cart batteries weigh around 372 Pounds which can be considered quite light-weighted if we take several features into consideration such as capacity, the energy it provides, and the overall durability.

  • Affordability Of 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries –

We all will accept the fact that price can play a huge role in the consideration of purchase. Normally, batteries are considered to be expensive and cannot be frequently bought. The replacements of batteries can be very expensive. Flat plate batteries are generally considered to be cheaper in comparison to the 6v golf cart batteries. Experts can agree that tubular batteries are considered to be expensive but if we look at the Trojan T105 battery, they are affordable with respect to the feature attained by the users. They control the regular discharge, have high durability, and can sustain under heat. This makes the trojan T 105 6v golf cart battery’s price reasonable and worth the purchase. 


TROJAN Lot of 6 Trojan T-105 6V Golf cart batteires

Overall, we all are aware of the requirements of 6 volt golf cart batteries as they are very demanding in the field of tech, chemistry as well as manufacturing. The trojan T 105 6v golf cart batteries consist of a unique blend of design that changes the complete experience for the users at an affordable rate. The makers have made a good design that will be changing the efficiency of the tubular plate 6 volt golf cart batteries in present as well as in future for the world. For purchases, keep the above-mentioned points in mind as a wrong purchase can be not only a huge waste of money but can be hazardous at the same time due to lack of awareness and maintenance. Make sure that you study all the points on 6 volt golf cart batteries before making the decision of the purchase.   

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