Smartwatches for Smart Generation

Watch is the best accessory any person can carry on their wrists. It not only enhances the beauty of the hand but is also functional. Now that the world has advanced so much in terms of technology, watches have become smart too. There are so many functions that can be performed by a smartwatch. It ranges from seeing the time to making phone calls. This is an evolution leading to a smart and active world. Now let us see some top brands that specialize in smartwatches.

What Are the Top Brands of Smartwatches?

1. Samsung Smartwatches

We all are aware of the fact that Samsung is one of the most reputed companies whether in terms of mobile phones, TVs, home appliances, etc. Due to its amazing features and capture of the market, it is very prominent in the eyes of the public. Due to its affordable price, water-resistant capacity, sim facility, and other amazing gestures, it is one of the most loved smartwatch companies. 

2. boAT Smartwatches

boAT is a decent brand for people looking for economical or affordable smartwatches. It has all the basic and required features that should be there in a smartwatch for example – Alexa support, good display, touch, fitness tracker, etc. 

3. Apple Smartwatches

We all are aware of Apple products and their premium features. Owing to all the benefits it gives, its price is usually high and not everyone can afford it. That is the main disadvantage of apple smartwatches. But apart from that, they have many wonderful aspects such as measuring BPM, water resistance, health tracking, chatting, music, and much more. You can do basically everything that you do on a phone.

4. Xiaomi / MI Smartwatches

If you are a fan of Xiaomi or Mi products, you can definitely go for MI watches since they have nice features at a very cheap price. However, if compared with other brands, it is behind in terms of reputation and functionality. 

How to Buy the Best Smartwatch?

Buying a product is always tough no matter what the product is. So, a little bit of advice will not do harm to anyone. Here is a small guide that will help you to understand what you require in a smartwatch and help you compare the products to facilitate better knowledge about smartwatches. So, let us get started

1. Design of the Watch

Smartwatch is an accessory for the wrist. That is why the design and build of the watch matter a lot. There are different shapes, sizes, colors, strap materials, and body materials. There are waterproof bodies or dustproof materials etc. 

2. Display of the Watch

The display is an important factor to consider while buying a smartwatch because of different types of lighting and glare. The best display offered by Samsung and apple watches is OLED. The OLED display is power efficient and offers better clarity. There are other displays as well such as LED and AMOLED, out of which AMOLED is considered efficient.

3. Battery Power of the Watch

The battery is so essential. A smartwatch should have a long-lasting battery to go through a whole day without any problem. Apple watch offers 2 days of battery life on a single charge. Whereas in the case of Samsung, it offers a battery life of 5 days on a single charge.

4. Health Tracking Facility

The reason people are loving smartwatches is because of the health tracking facilities provided. You can track footsteps, workouts, BPM, oxygen levels, and whatnot. Almost all brands offer fitness or health tracking facilities because it is a primary feature. But Apple and Samsung have some premium features that you should check out before purchasing of smartwatch

5. OS Choice

OS stands for an operating system. Apple watches have iOS which is compatible with any Apple product. Samsung has its own OS which is compatible with Samsung products. There is Google wear OS as well which is compatible with any android device (or any device that supports google OS). So, before choosing the smartwatch, note down the type of OS that you require.

6. Price of the Smartwatch

Price is another important factor. Before making a purchase it is important to set up a budget so that you do not overspend. It also helps in shortlisting the items. If your budget is very low, Mi and boAT are recommended as they have all basic features at a cheap range. If you want premium features and can expand your budget, you can definitely go for Samsung. If you have a high budget Apple will be the best choice for you. 

7. Near Field Communication Transfer

Some smartwatches have a feature of NFC which allows nearby easy transfers. This feature also helps in UPI payments such as google pay, PAYTM, etc. It is considered a safer option compared to Bluetooth as it is more secure, especially in crowded areas.

8. Connectivity Facilities

Connectivity is a very important feature but not many people talk about it. Most of the watches have built-in Bluetooth, wifi, and GPS facilities. But very limited products come with LTE connectivity. This allows you to make phone calls, and use GPS, or any other feature without connecting the watch to the phone. This makes the whole process easier and more convenient. You do not have to rely on the phone all the time.

9. Other Smart/technical Products

If you already own a Samsung phone, then you should go for a Samsung smartwatch because it will allow you to explore the features more. It is the same as any other brand. You can interchange between brands but it is always better to go for the same one.

What Are the Common Mistakes That People Tend to Make While Buying a Smartwatch?

1. No Proper Research

The most common problem is people do not do proper research before buying a smartwatch and then regret it later. Examining and looking into products before purchasing is a common thing. It is necessary to understand your needs and then buy the product so that the purchase is worth the penny spent.

2. Buying a Hyped-up Product

This is another big mistake that people make. They buy a product that is overhyped or over-discounted. To save a few dollars they end up buying old or defective pieces. Then later it gives a bad performance. There is no use crying over spilled milk, so do not buy over-hyped products. Do proper research before buying.

3. Ignoring the Ecosystem

The Ecosystem is all about the brands. If you own an Apple phone, then the Apple watch will be the most compatible for you. But technology has changed and so has this narrative. Nowadays watches support all types of OS, so buying out of the ecosystem is not a big deal.

4. Not Setting a Budget

Most people tend to ignore the first step, which is setting a budget. When you set up a budget you get a clear-cut idea of the products that you want to buy. You can scale your budget up or down based on your research. Setting the budget helps you to save yourself from overspending.

Why is Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch So Popular?

Now that we have seen all the required features of a smartwatch, it is time to discuss what makes Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 so popular.

  • The first reason is its design. It has a beautiful design and color which makes it so attractive for users. It is made of light material so it is very comfortable to wear as well. This adds to its advantage.
  • It is compatible with any smartphone. You do not have to own only a Samsung phone to use this watch. Due to its wide range, it is very compatible.
  • It has mostly all the premium features we discussed earlier such as measuring footsteps, tracking BPM and oxygen level, heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, phone call manager, etc.
  • It has a wide range of connectivity. It supports Bluetooth, GPS, wifi, and also LTE.
  • It had a long-lasting battery life of up to 5 days with a single charge. The battery is built for endurance. It charges quickly and is also long-lasting.
  • It has equal features as offered by Apple and also at a lesser price than Apple watches which gives Samsung a competitive advantage over Apple.
  • It has a 90 days replacement offer available as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Smartwatch is the Best? Which One Should I Buy?

All smartwatches and brands are specialized in different features. So write down all the features you are looking for and then compare different brands based on those. You will find the best watch for yourself. (Refer to the article above for more insight)

2. I Have Bought a Samsung Smartwatch, Can I Connect It With Other Phones Which Are Not Samsung?

Yes, you can connect with the phone of any other brand. All you need to do is download the Galaxy Wearable App from any app store and you will be good to go. Connect the smartwatch to the phone using that app.

3. I Want a Watch That Can Track My Fitness Sessions. What Do You Recommend?

Most of the smartwatches come with this feature. So you can choose any watch that is in your budget. But, usually Samsung watches are the best option because they offer the best performance and are affordable.

4. Which is the Best OS for a Smartwatch?

Usually, Apple (iOS) is considered the best due to its premium features but if you see the compatibility, then Google OS is the best because it is compatible with any android brand.

5. Is There Anything I Should Be Careful of Before Buying a Smartwatch?

Follow the points that are mentioned below

  • Have a sound budget
  • Make a list of the requirements you want to have in the smartwatch
  • Shortlist items based on the budget and the list of requirements.
  • Do not hurry. Take your time to select the best watch for yourself.
  • Do not buy a watch just because others have it and it is popular.
  • Do proper research before buying.

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