Top 15 Portable Air Tank 2023 – Review, Features, Pros, Cons and Opinion

Have you ever been on a road trip and everything was going as planned? Perfect weather, clear road; everything fine, and suddenly your car starts shaking violently and you have to pull up to the side. And guess what? You get a flat tire! How annoying! And your worst luck is that your spare tire is also out of air. But you don’t have to be sad or worried as you got your portable air tank! Wait a second portable air tank?

Portable Air Tank

Yes, absolutely. Your own carry-on portable and hassle-free tank that you can refill with any type of gas and it goes along with you. These tanks come in very handy and can be used not only for cars but also for bicycles, trailers, etc. The best feature about them is that they are light in weight and compact in size. Sounds amazing; doesn’t it? There are a lot of air tanks in the market that is portable. So how do we decide to choose the best one? For that, we have listed down in detail some of the best portable air tanks along with their features, merits, and demerits. 

1. XtremepowerUS 20 Gallon Portable Air Tank

XtremepowerUS 20 Gallon Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank Air Operated Drainage...
  • Oil lift drain special valve can easily transfer the used oil...

This air tank uses the help of an air compressor to drain oil easily and store it in another storage container so that it can be recycled later. It has an adjustable funnel height feature along with an oil draining system that works on the venturi vacuum extraction principle. It can easily be moved with the help of 4 wheels at its base.

This one’s oil lift drain valve can transport the used oil to any container at any height with ease.  The height of this oil lift valve can be well adjusted to 45” to 72’1/2”. The advantage of this adjustable height makes it ideal for removing waste oil and other fluids from automobiles using a venturi-vacuum extracting system or by gravity draining. Further, for smooth and silent moving, swivel casters and polyurethane wheels are included. Other salient features and specifications include a 20-gallon tank capacity with a 15”  diameter funnel size, working pressure of 10-PSI.


  • Adjustable oil lift valve height from 45” to 72’1/2” 
  • Easy to move due to the wheels 
  • Can transfer used oil from one vessel to another 


  • Heavy to lift 
  • Have to assemble by oneself 

2. Rolair AIRKEG2 Gallon Lightweight Portable Air Tank

With this 10 gallons heavy-duty Rolair AIRKEG2 Heavy-Duty Auxiliary Air Storage Tank you can stock up on air easily. The steel air tank is useful assistance on any high-volume project since it prevents your air compressor from short-cycling and cutting off. This auxiliary tank can contain up to 10 gallons of portable air at 225 psi. The auxiliary air supply, which has 4 3/8-inch output ports, can power numerous tools at once. This creates more uniform airflow, reduces frictional loss over distance, and results in fewer stair-stepped nails. 

It further has an upward-facing gauge. It is also equipped with a 90-degree check valve intake that permits only one direction of airflow. A safety relief valve that shuts off the tank to avoid upset build-up is an all-intelligent feature. Thus, the Rolair 10 Gallon Portable  Auxiliary Air Storage Tank makes labor easier. 


  • 10-gallon storage 
  • Upward-facing gauge 
  • Ability to power many tools at once 
  • Lesser friction and uniform airflow 

Cons : 

  • No regulator was provided 
  • Heavy duty contradicts the name ‘lightweight’
  • No air hose provided 

3. California Air Tools CAT-AUX10A Portable Air Tank


The California Air Tools AUX10A-10 Gallon Aluminum Auxiliary Air Tank is lightweight and simple to use. The lightweight Aluminum Air Tank is easy to carry and transport.  It has an aluminum shell which keeps it rust-free. These are designed to aid in small demands like inflating tires. They provide stable pressure and continuous airflow ideal for activities like spray painting.  

The Air Hose and Air Valve are easy to use, plus quick to connect in connections enabling you to instantly connect it to an air compressor and fill the auxiliary air tank without the need for additional air fittings.  This simple and quick-to-connect system also allows you to use a regular airline with your air valve for air tool use.  


  • Provide more air carrying capacity- 10 gallons 
  • Less noise production 
  • Simple to use
  • Anti-rust aluminum shell  


  • Fittings can be lost or have leakage 

Sale XtremepowerUS 20 Gallon Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank Air Operated Drainage...
Sale Rolair AIRKEG2 Heavy Duty 10 Gallon On the Go Lightweight Portable High...
Sale California Air Tools CAT-AUX10A Lightweight Portable Aluminum Air Tank, 10...

4. Metabo HPT Reserve Portable Air Tank

Metabo HPT Reserve Air Tank | Five Quick Connect Couplers | 10-Gallon...
  • APPLICATION: Ensure the air pressure being supplied to all...

If you are looking for a portable air tank with a 10-gallon capacity and safety valve  included with an industrial tank pressure gauge and regulated pressure gauge this tank  has it all. The UA3810AB 10-Gallon Reserve Air Tank is the ideal addition to any  worksite to guarantee that all nailers receive appropriate air pressure and that the  required PSI is maintained. It can maintain the same air pressure even if the  compressor is 200 feet distant. Plus it’s ASME Certified.

All you need to do is simply  connect this reserve air tank between the compressor and the nailers, and you’ll have  enough pressure to run five or more nailers at once. If one of the associated nailers  demands less PSI than the others, the UA3810AB’s basic factory-built big knob  regulator will take care of it. It weighs 39.6 Pounds with dimensions 25.2 x 13 x 20 inches. This product is also highly durable  because of angled steel legs that give support, stability, and durability to construction  applications. 


  • Highly durable 
  • Constant air pressure up to 200 feet distance 
  • Adjustable knob regulator 
  • ASME Certified 


  • Can have some manufacturing defects 

5. Longacre 52-50316 5 Gallon Deluxe Portable Air Tank

Longacre 52-50316 5 Gallon Deluxe Lightweight Air Tank Only
  • Special inlet valve fills tank in less than 15 seconds

This is the ideal product for quick filling of the tank. A portable air tank with a special inlet valve that is ultra-light in weight and portable. In less than 15 seconds, a special inlet valve fills the tank with an adequate air supply. Most tanks take around 1-1/2 minutes to fill, which is valuable practice time! A universal air fast change coupler is also included. 


  • Quick filling 
  • Lightweight 
  • Portable and easy to install 


  • No male flow for quick release 

6. Viking Horns 1 Gallon Portable Air Tank

A portable air tank with a capacity of 1 gallon with an air pressure of 150 PSI with a  compact design and small in size. This air kit is for high-pressure air horns that need an onboard air system. The air compressor, air pressure gauge, air pressure switch, airline, and mounting hardware are all included. This is a high-quality product that you can rely on. It is ideal for SUVs, trucks, boats, and a variety of other vehicles.


  • Small size 
  • 150 PSI air pressure 


  • The gauze doesn’t go above 140 PSI  
  • Regulator solenoid goes only up to 125 PSI

7. Vixen Air 4 Gallon Portable Air Tank

Vixen Air 4 Gallon Air Tank with 7 Ports for Suspension/Air Ride/Bag/Train...
  • CAPACITY & DIMENSIONS - 4 Gallon tank (15 Liter); tank size: 24"...

Air pressures of up to 200 PSI may be handled by this 4-gallon portable air tank with 7  ports. It is made of precisely welded steel and coated with an anti-corrosion coating for maximum protection and lifespan. Its high-diameter ports prevent bottlenecking, which can occur when air tanks with smaller ports are used. Also, hardware for installation is included. This is useful for air suspensions and air horns that require an onboard air system. 


  • 7 large diameter ports 
  • Anti-corrosion material 
  • Hardware included 


  • Logo is not permanent, just a sticker
  • Difficult to thread fit in ports because of paint

8. Allstar Portable Air Tank, 5 Gallon 

Allstar Performance ALL10534 Air Tank, 5 Gallon Capacity
  • The package length is 50.8 centimeters

These aluminum tanks are lightweight and portable, making tire inflation effortless.  Welded portable air tanks are pressure tested to military specifications up to 300 PSI  and are anti-rust and anti-corrode in nature. They are available in two sizes- 9” X 11”  and 9” X 20”. They have a capacity of 5 gallons. 


  • Very lightweight 
  • Tested under military specifications
  • Anti-rust and anti corrode material


  • Will not be enough to inflate car tires
  • Might have leaks 

9. JEGS Portable Air Tank | 5 Gallon 

JEGS Portable Aluminum Air Tank | 5 Gallon Capacity | Horizontal Design |...
  • FOR HOME, SHOP, GARAGE, OR TRACK USE providing a portable source...

This Portable Aluminum Air Tank with dimensions 19” L x 9” has a capacity of 5  gallons. Its approximate height is 12”. It has an air pressure value of 125 PSI and is composed of lightweight aluminum that adds to its mobility. It can be used for home use, garage, etc. These come with a gauge, a 36” air hose and a pressure relief valve. 


  • Aluminum makes it anti-rust 
  • Can be used to depressurize also


  • Sometimes leakages are possible due to welding

10. JEGS Portable Air Tank Aluminum

JEGS Portable Aluminum Air Tank | 3 Gallon Capacity | Vertical Design |...
  • TANK SIZE 16.75” high x 7.25” diameter, overall height is...

A Portable Aluminum Air Tank medium tank with dimensions of 16.75″ in height and 7.25″ in diameter. It has a storage of 3 gallons with an overall height of 24″. It has an air pressure of 125 PSI. It too comes with a gauge, a 36” hose, and a valve for pressure  relief. 


  • Vertical design for saving floor space 
  • Lighter in weight than steel tanks 
  • Easy to transport 


  • Welding may have defects 
  • Not much durable

11. Pro-Force FT10 Portable Air Tank

The 10-gallon portable air carry tank is fully constructed and ready to use. The unit comes with an air pressure gauge, an airline shut-off valve, a pressure relief valve, an easy-access fill valve, a 3-foot by a 1/4-inch air hose, and an air chuck. This device is ideal for emergency tire inflation, blow cleaning, and recreational inflation thanks to its sturdy, welded-on carry handle. An air pressure gauge, airline shut-off valve, pressure relief valve, quick fill valve, 3-foot by a 1/4-inch air hose, and air chuck are included. 


  • It comes fully assembled, hence is no need for assembling later 
  • Manifold made of high-quality brass 
  • The handle is welded on and is quite durable


  • No pump to pressurize the air 
  • No drain provided 

12. BIG RED T88007 Torin Portable Air Tank

BIG RED T88007 Torin Portable Horizontal Air Tank with 36" Hose, 7 Gallon...
  • Durable, steel construction parts washer is lightweight that can...

The Torin portable air tank can store compressed air for months. It has a capacity of 7  Gallons and dimensions as 20.3″ in height, 9.8″ in weight, and 12.6″ in height. This one’s maximum allowable working pressure of 125 PSI and is integrated with a manual  override safety pressure bypass valve. It also has an air gauge that displays pressure in PSI and a bar. A 4 foot long industrial quality ¼” male NPT air hose is included, as well as a normal tire chuck. Inflates automobile and bike tires, as well as athletic and leisure  equipment. 


  • The pressure of 125 PSI 
  • Manual override safety pressure bypass valve 
  • 4-foot-long industrial quality ¼” male NPT air hose 


  • Needle not provided 
  • The air valve/safety blowout assembly is not of the highest quality

13. LARIN at-5 Gray Portable Air Tank

LARIN at-5 Gray Portable Air Tank
  • Provide compressed air for inflating tires, cleaning and much...

The 5 gallon Larin portable air tank is designed to supply compressed air for inflating tires, cleaning, and other tasks. It has a 160 PSI maximum pressure and a pressure-tested welded steel tank. A pressure gauge and pressure release valve are included in this air tank, as well as a 44-inch line with a tire inflation end. It complies with ANSI  requirements and is highly durable due to its build-up according to heavy-duty work. 


  • Maximum pressure is 160 PSI
  • Welded steel tank that has been pressure-tested
  • Durable 


  • May have manufacturing defects 

14. Firestone 9126 2 Gallon 2 Portable Air Tank

Firestone 9126 2 Gallon 2 Port Air Tank
  • 7 in. Dia.; 14.5 in. Length; Two 1/4 in. NPT Ports; 150 PSI Max

For an air spring system, this Firestone portable air tank serves as a supply of compressed air. The tank has a capacity of 2 gallons and is enamel coated to prevent corrosion, and is SAE J10 compliant. It can withstand 150 PSI and provides a supply of compressed air for an air-assist spring system. Also, it allows for quicker air spring inflation. It comes with brass fittings on a steel tank. The internal and exterior walls have coatings to provide corrosion resistance. The tank dimensions are 14.5 inches long by 7 inches wide. It also comes with a limited 2-year warranty. 


  • Can endure 150 PSI 
  • Faster inflation of air springs 
  • Tank has enamel coating to prevent corrosion 


  • No male NPT ports 

15. Performance Tool W10005 Hi-viz 5-Gallon Horizontal Portable Air Tank

Performance Tool W10005 Hi-viz 5-Gallon Horizontal Portable Air Tank With...
  • PORTABLE AIR TANK: Take the Performance Tool W10005 Hi-viz...

This portable air tank comes fully assembled, and ready to use. It is made up of alloy steel and has dimensions of 19 x 10 x 12 inches. A manual override and aluminum on/off knob are included in the brass safety bypass valve. A 1/2″ MNPT on the tank end and the gauge port is a 1/8″ FNPT connection. The air pressure is shown in PSI and MPa,  with a maximum of 125 PSI. It is durable and portable. 


  • The unit is fully assembled and ready to use
  • The air pressure gauge, airline shut-off valve, and pressure relief valve are all included
  • With a manual override, there is a safety pressure bypass valve


  • Plastic knob that breaks easily 

16. Opinion:

Hopefully, here we have provided you with the relevant information regarding the top 15  portable air tanks. So next time you don’t need to worry about how to inflate a tire. All of the goods included in this guide, on the other hand, are really good at what they do. Unless it’s a bicycle trip, one would obviously prefer a lightweight and easy-to-carry air tank and the best one for that is Allstar Air Tank, 5 Gallon Capacity. For storing purposes BIG  RED T88007 Torin Portable Horizontal Air Tank would be the best choice.  

Also, Vixen Air 4 Gallon (15 Liter) 7 Ports Suspension/Air Ride would be great for multiple uses at the same time.  You’re probably aware of the vast array of options available if you have been interested before. There are a lot of them that don’t have clear descriptions or information about them.  With this guide, we hoped to take the uncertainty out before buying one. When searching,  using the random process of elimination might be difficult. We really hope that our information has helped you decide where you’ll spend your hard-earned money.

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