LucidSound LS31 Wireless Gaming Headset- Reviews, Specifications, Features and Opinion 

If you’re looking for a wireless gaming headset that’s comfortable, easy to use, has a quality function and easily blends in with your gaming life, look no more! You’re in the right place! The LucidSound LS31 Wireless is a gaming headset that also works great with wired Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iPad, iOS and Android devices. Apart from having multiple platform compatibility, it’s also compatible with multiple games. Your experience with playing your favorite games like Battle Royal, Fortnight, Pub, Black Ops 4, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty, Overwatch and World of Warcraft’s legion is going to be enhanced with this gaming headset integrated in your sessions.

1. Specifications of the LucidSound LS31 Wireless:

Model Name LS31GY

Connectivity Wireless for game audio and wired for chat audio 

Microphone  Removable boom mic with LED mute indicator + built-in mic

Ear Coupling Over-Ear (circumoral) 

Sound Space Amplified Stereo Sound. Surround Sound on Xbox One / Windows 10 using Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic

2. Features and Review of the LucidSound LS31 Wireless:

LucidSound LS31 wireless gaming headset is one of the good bass headphones out there. It produces a quality bass sound as it makes use of 50mm speakers with neodymium magnets. Besides the notable bass sound, the headsets also produced clear highs without any distortion. This Xbox gaming headset is built with advanced 2.5GHz wireless technology and it not only provides you with a better sound quality but this wireless technology over Bluetooth wireless makes your gaming experience better with stable connection and high data transfer rates. Further, its advanced channel hopping technology also means that your audio can be lag and interference free. The lag free and uncompressed audio enhances the audio quality and lets you play without disturbances or distractions. Further, the wireless range is up to 30 ft!

For gaming, LucidSound LS31 is a great headset that works with Nintendo, ps4 and Xbox. It’s a rechargeable headset and its battery life lasts up to 15 hours with one charge. With this gaming headset, you can also personalize your audio settings! It comes with three different equalizer options; normal, bass boost and treble boost. 

A key feature of this LucidSound LS31 wireless gaming headset is its independent game and chat controls! You can control the audio of the game using one side of the headset and the audio of the chat using the other one! By keeping in mind gamers, this gaming headset is designed specifically so that they can easily access control settings intuitively and effortlessly!  The left ring of the headset is used to control the game volume while the center button on the left is used to mute the game audio. Likewise, the right ring is used to control the chat volume while the right center button is used to mute your mic. 

In addition to this key feature, this Lucidsound headset also has dual microphone and mic monitoring. With a flexible and detachable boom mic (with a LED mute indicator) that you can use as per your need and liking, the headset with mic also uses an integrated mic for mobile use. If you’re wondering what mic monitoring is on Xbox one, it’s nothing but a feature that allows you to hear your own voice accurately so that you don’t have to talk louder than you have to. This feature is useful when you’re using audio chat while gaming or even during conference calls. So this Xbox headset with mic monitoring is only going to help your gaming experience get smoother. 

With Xbox One and Windows 10, LucidSound LS31 headphones deliver Surround Sound. This Surround Sound feature is only compatible with Windows 10 Pcs playing with the Xbox wireless logo. Other Windows 10 PCs will have to purchase a Xbox wireless adapter for windows at additional cost. On how to get the LucidSound LS31 connected wirelessly to Xbox one, just follow the instructions and it should be easily done. 

Let’s talk about the build and the comfort of these bass headphones! It’s designed with oval leatherette ear cups and memory foam padding. This design provides you with extreme comfort during your long play sessions. The headrail is built with durable and lightweight metal and its flexibility and adjustment feature makes it so that you can buy it without worrying about the fit. 

Not only as a Xbox gaming headset, LucidSound LS31 is a great wireless headset for ps4. Your search for wireless ps4 gaming headphones can end here as these show quality performance working as ps4 headset with mic too. And works seamlessly as a gaming pc headset too. 

3. Opinion:

Despite its advantages, LucidSound LS31 gaming headset comes with its disadvantages as well. The connectivity for the gameplay alone is wireless whereas for the chat you have to make use of a wired connection. The lack of Bluetooth connectivity can also be a minor drawback. However, modern gaming headsets make use of 2.5GHz wireless technology in order to enrich the stable audio connection for gaming. This technology gets the job done better than Bluetooth. However, the Bluetooth feature will truly make the LucidSound LS31 truly wireless as they can also be used for mobile phones. With mobile phones, you have to have a wired connection with the lack of Bluetooth option. 

With all its key features, the integration of LucidSound LS31 wireless gaming headset in your life will only elevate your gaming experience. Complemented by its independent game and chat audio controls which can be done effortlessly through the headphones itself makes this gaming headphones a quality choice. 

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