Have a Home Theater? – Know How It Works

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! We all love movies and cinemas. Watching the movie on a big screen gives us a different and special emotion. Almost everyone feels that. But one must think about how we can enhance this experience. How can a person save time, get the required privacy, and have the same movie experience easily without huge payments and resources? The answer is – Home theater.  Home theater allows any person to experience theater vibes from their comfort place. Isn’t that amazing?

What is a Home Theater?

Before moving forward let us understand what home theater is and how it works. The home theater system is a device you can connect with your television and speakers. This device then enables you to watch anything or everything with high-quality graphics and audio. When you combine a good sound system and a TV screen with your classic movie and a favorite person you get an amazing theater right in your house. And what else do you need? A bowl of popcorn and a glass of coke can make your movie night so memorable.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Home Theater?


Let us see some of the pros or advantages or benefits of the home theater system:

1. A Luxury Experience at Home

The main advantage of home theater systems is that you can sit at home and still enjoy a  luxury environment. With top-class visuals and audio, you will be giving yourself a premium experience of watching movies or series. More importantly, you can also use it at parties. Watch your home becomes the hotspot for parties because of the home theater system.

2. Cinematic Experience

We, people, love cinemas. There is no doubt about that fact. With the home theater system, you can make everything cinematic. Whether it is a movie or a series or even an advertisement. Everything becomes richer in flavor.

3. Perfect for Antisocial People

Do you feel awkward sitting next to strangers or when someone stares at you and you deeply wish to enjoy your movie in an empty theater all by yourself? Then home theater is the best way you can experience a cinema without cinema theater. You can even watch the movie you like and will not have to deal with humans.

4. Pause and Play as You Like

While watching a movie in a cinema, we often experience situations like urgent calls or texts or nature’s calls and we just have to take a break. But unfortunately we those scenes. But in home theater, you are the controller. You can decide when to start the movie, play or pause the movie as you like. You are free to stop it in between and continue later. No one will stare or judge you. 

5. Adjust Audio as Per Your Preference

Some of us have sensitive ears and weak hearts. Loud volume at theaters can be painful. But we have a solution. While watching anything on home theaters you can control the volume. Either increase or decrease it according to your own preference. 

6. Cost Efficient

When you compare home theater and cinema theater, the first one is always way more cost-efficient than the latter one. And this is because we do not have to spend on tickets. We do not have to buy such high prices popcorn and coke. We do not have to pay any taxes. We can save money.


Now let us move on to some cons or disadvantages or limitations of the home theater system:

1. High Initial Investment

Although a home theater is comparatively cheaper, the initial amount spent on the whole system can be high. 

2. Proper Research and Guidance

Since all room sizes and needs can be different, you will have to spend some time researching them before purchasing them.

What Are a Few of the Best Brands of Home Theater Systems?

Since we are talking about the pros and cons, we should also know what are the best brands of home theaters. Although there are many which make the list, there are six brands we can shortlist. Following are the ones that made it to the list:

1. Denon

Denom systems are made with smart technology. They provide excellent visual and sound effects. Their audio system is one of the best. It is a full voice control device that can be accessed from anywhere just by connecting with Alexa. It also has high-level connectivity. It can be connected via Bluetooth, via, wires, or airplay depending on your own preference. It offers exceptional resolution and wonderful features. 

2. Sony

Sony is a reputed company in terms of its electrical appliances including TV, camera, speakers, keyboards, kitchen appliances, etc. It has been in the industry for a long time now and is a trustable brand. Sony home theater has nice audio and visual quality too. Most sony devices use Bluetooth as the main connectivity source.

3. Pyle

Pyle has also been very innovative in their field. The Pyle home theater has some amazing controls to adjust treble, bass, volume, echo, and configuration. It is compatible only with Bluetooth. Pyle has this feature that makes it stand out among other brands and that is – it allows talk over option. Mike can be connected to the device and when someone uses that mike, the audio automatically shuts down. This AI feature is really helpful in organizations and parties.

4. Rockville

Rockville has some cool-looking products with special LED lights that fit in them which makes them perfect for parties. Teenagers will find it pretty attractive. This system comes with sets of speakers as well. You can control it manually or using Bluetooth. It has a good audio system. It is comparatively on the cheaper side.

5. Donner

Donner home theater receivers are pretty new and basic. They are pretty regular with good audio, LED, and Bluetooth connectivity. They have multi-input options like any other system for example – USB, SD card, microphone input, etc. It comes with an antenna and remote control for manual functionality.

6. Moukey

Moukey is another modern home theater system that is compatible with the latest electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc. It can be connected via Bluetooth and has multi-input options too.

What to Look for While Buying a Home Theater?

Though we all must love the idea of owning a home theater, it’s difficult to choose which one to buy. We all need to be extra careful and analyze all pros and cons (discussed earlier) before selecting the device. So here are some of the features you need to consider before you make your purchase:

1. The Room Size

The first thing that you need to consider is the size of the room or hall where you will place the system. If the place is small you do not need very loud systems. Too much echo can spoil the listening experience in a small room. If the walls are not soundproof, the neighborhood will be disturbed as well. So all these external and internal points need to be analyzed.

2. Connectivity

A device should have multiple connectivity options to make it more usable. Fewer connectivity options restrict the activities. 

3. Types of Speakers

While setting up a home theater system, you need to be very careful when choosing the type of speakers to install. Speakers have a very wide range and too many brands. So you need to choose it based on what you prefer. Or if you already have speakers you need to buy a home theater system that can be compatible with those.

4. Type of Subwoofers

The subwoofer is that part of the home theater system that gives you that ultimate cinematic feeling. It makes you feel those sound effects. There are two types of subwoofers – passive and powered. If you really want to feel those effects in your body, you definitely need the powered one. Not all devices support powered subwoofer, so you should check the description of the product before buying.

What Are the Common Mistakes Made by People While Buying Home Theater?

Though we all may seem pros, there are times we make mistakes. There are a few common mistakes that people make but they can be avoided. So here are the ways you can avoid making mistakes while buying yourself a home theater system.

  • The first point is to have a clear mind and note down all the features you are looking for in the device.
  • Based on your needs and requirements you need to set an approximate budget to shortlist all the devices.
  • Doing proper research is an important step that everyone should follow. This helps to avoid last-minute confusion.
  • Avoid buying a product with too much discount as it can be a defective or old product. Similarly buying an overhyped product without proper research should be avoided as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to Connect My Home Theater Receiver to TV?

To connect a home theater system to a Tv, it is essential to have a TV that can support HDMI cable. Nowadays all modern TV support HDMI cable, so connecting it should not be a problem.

2. How Many Speakers Can I Connect to My Home Theater Receiver?

The number of speakers that can be connected to the home theater system changes from device to device and brand to brand. But usually, 2 pairs of speakers can be connected in most of the receivers.

3. How to Choose Between a Passive and Powered Subwoofer?

The type of subwoofer for the home theater system depends on the system you have. Not all devices support heavy subwoofers. Just like that, not all devices support passive subwoofers too. So you need to check all these details before buying.

4. Can the Home Theater Systems Be Connected to the Turntable?

Yes, you can connect any turntable with a home theater system by using a cable.

5. What is the Best Brand of Home Theater Receivers?

Although we have discussed a few of the best rand in the article above, my favorite out of them has to be Denon because of its wonderful features and multi-connectivity. 

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