GoPro Hero 5 – Review, Specifications, Features and Opinion

If you looking for a camera to buy, this is the best article for you. We have reviewed GoPro Hero 5. We have analyzed the GoPro Hero 5 in detail and mentioned its features, disadvantages, and specifications. GoPro Hero 5 is considered one of the most powerful and convenient to use cameras ever. It allows the users to capture 4K video as well as pictures for a clear view. Along with the higher pixels, it offers the feature of voice control through just one-button simplicity. The users can change the settings through the touch button display.

Now individuals do not have to worry about damaging the camera, GoPro Hero 5 is waterproof. Through the water-resistant design, the users can be carefree while taking their pictures and capturing beauty and memories. Now, taking a stabilized video is no more a hassle task. It offers pro-quality photos that can stay memorable forever along with crystal clear audio while taking videos. Along with the pictures and videos the GoPro Hero 5 can track the location through the attached GPS systems in the camera.  iPhone and Android users can direct all the data easily just by logging into the GoPro Plus cloud account.

GoPro Hero5 Black — Waterproof Digital Action Camera for Travel with...
  • Stunning 4k video and 12MP photos in single, burst and time lapse...

1. Specifications of GoPro Hero 5

If you want to know about the specifications of this product or to know if this camera is worth the splurge or not, then please read the points listed below carefully – or 

  • The dimension and size of this camera are 1.75 x 2.44 x 1.26 inches. These are considered compact portable sizes for the users to carry around while making memories or doing adventures. The GoPro Hero 5 can be fitted anywhere they want like in backpacks and purses. 
  • The weight of the GoPro Hero 5 is very light and weighs about 4.2 ounces. Usually, a camera that has several features struggle with weight issues. We can confidently state to all the people who think about purchasing GoPro Hero 5 that they are super light weighted and have no struggle while carrying.
  • This product comes in black color.
  • It will capture pictures instantly at 30 fps. Now capturing pictures instantly and candid is no more a Hussle task. 
  • The video capturing resolution offered by this camera is listed as follows: 4K30, 2.7K60, and 1080p120 video for the users and offers clear videos of all your memories.

2. Features of GoPro Hero 5

  • Water resilient feature

When you are out taking pictures on the beach where there are chances of your camera getting damaged, capturing memories can be a hassle task.  Now, the users do not have to worry about keeping the camera safe all the time around the water instead enjoy the moment can capture as much as they can. 

  • Damage-free 

It is a common thought that usually the camera is sensitive and requires a lot of care in handling. This product is made up of sturdy materials that prevent cracks and easy damage. This feature makes it very durable as well as reliable in the eyes of the customers.

  • Accessories

When purchasing GoPro cameras, it comes along with GoPro Hero 5 accessories that help the purchasers handle the GoPro Hero 5 conveniently.  Accessories such as a strap that enables the users to wear the camera for safety, a stand that helps them to take still pictures, and finally an SD card that allows the users to safely store their picture full of memories. 

  • Wide-angle pictures 

It allows the users to conveniently take wide-angle about 170-degree pictures very smoothly. It has the ability to capture most of the area from the GoPro Hero 5 cameras. The GoPro waterproof camera is known for its fish eye effect. It allows the users to grab wide-angle pictures at any time of the day their desire.

  • Compatible technology

This latest developed camera comes with new features such as Bluetooth, connects through Wi-Fi, and has the ability to connect with the phones for easy access to pictures. In this current era, technology is everything. For more convenient features, one must buy a camera with a good advancement in tech. The Wi-Fi will enable the user to see the pictures captured by the phone and monitor the view as required. Now, it is not necessary for the users to be present in order to use their camera. Monitoring can be done from anywhere in the world but the users must ensure a stable network connection in both the connected phones. 

3. Cons of GoPro Hero 5

Some of the disadvantages are noticed and are stated here for the users to decide if they want to purchase this camera or not – 

  • Long battery time is always a concern in cameras. This camera comes with a battery charger. The GoPro Hero 5 chargers are a must or else the camera won’t sustain for long. It needs 2-3 times charge up in a day. 
  • The is a time lag between clicking and capturing the pictures. 
  • While using the GoPro Hero 5, the users might feel a bit awkward while handling it. After using it for a longer time, there are chances of the hand getting clamped up and creating difficulty while clicking the capture button. 
  • While using the wide-angle view, the finger has to constantly stay on the button which can be a bit uncomfortable for the users. 
  • Fixed focal length faces difficulty in zooming and is difficult in adjusting the aperture settings. It buffers and takes a lot of time to focus which can be a bit annoying. The users have to wait for the fixed focal length to get adjusted and then finally fix it clearly. 

4. Opinion

Overall, the GoPro Hero 5 is a good catch according to the price expected. It comes with an immense 4K quality perspective making the camera unique. It comes with a one-button simplicity for clicking pictures, and a touch display for the convenience of changing the settings. The waterproof design protects the users from careless handling. Apart from these features, the GoPro Hero 5 offers the users crystal clear audio, features for stabilizing the video, and smooth as well as pro-quality picture capture for a better enhancement of the pictures. 

The latest update added to this camera allows the users to use current ongoing tech such as Bluetooth to connect with the phones, Wi-Fi updating for the camera, and GPS trackers to spot the location. It is very essential to analyze the downside as well such as long battery time, users might feel a bit awkward while handling the GoPro Hero 5, time lag between clicking and capturing the pictures, constantly staying on the button while using a wide-angle view, and finally fixed focal length faces difficulty in zooming.

We would suggest you take all the mentioned points into consideration and decide if this product is worth the purchase for the given or not. In general, GoPro Hero 5 comes affordable in comparison to the feature it is providing and we would recommend it as it would be the best buy.

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