Top 6 ATT Wifi Extender- Reviews, Specifications, Features and Opinion 

The best thing anyone can give you for free right now is probably an ATT Wifi Extender. Maybe food might have been the first thing that used to come to your mind. Not anymore though. We all want a better Wi-Fi connection so that we can stop sighing despondently whenever a video takes too long to load. Afterall, wanting to see a video in high definition without buffering and lagging is not a sin. If your body is cramping from sitting in specific positions or locations to get Wi-Fi coverage, you can relax now because we got you! We have made a list of best ATT Wi-Fi extenders you can look out for right now! 

1. Tp-Link AX6600 Extender

Tp-Link AX6600 ATT WiFi extender covers up to 6000 sq ft area. 

Coverage 6000 sq ft 

Ethernet port 2

Data transfer rate 6600 Mbps 

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You don’t have to worry about setting up because the companion deco phone app makes the job easier for you. The instructions provided are simple and easy to follow so you don’t have to worry about not being tech savvy enough for such a job. The control settings are manageable even when you are not home. Furthermore, it’s compatible with Alexa!  This ATT Wi-Fi booster boosts the overall speed of your internet to 6600 Mbps. This Wifi extender comes with two ethernet ports; a 2.5gbps port and one gigabit port. It also works better at eliminating dead zones and buffering better than a traditional Wi-Fi does. You have the advantage of connecting up to 200 devices without the performance slowing down. A key feature of this ATT Wi-Fi extender is the area it covers. It has great coverage.

The AI built in the ATT Wi-Fi booster intelligently studies the environment and provides internet which better suits your environment and thus enhances performance. Information used for AI algorithms is stored in the Tp-Link Decox90 device locally and not in any cloud storage so you don’t have to worry about your information being stored elsewhere. The voice feature makes it easy for you to turn on or off guest Wi-Fi with just a command. Also comes with parental controls, IoT device identification, network security and weekly, monthly reports. However, you can only set it up with the mobile and not with a browser from your computer. Further, the performance of Tp-Link Wi-Fi extender (ATT wifi extender) depends on your location, traffic and other environmental factors as well. 

2. NETGEAR Nighthawk ATT Wifi Extender

NETGEAR Nighthawk ATT Wifi extender is a dual band wireless signal booster and repeater. 

Coverage 2500 sq ft 

Ethernet port 1

Data transfer rate 6 Gbps

It boosts the speed up to 6gbps speed. You can connect 30 plus devices to this Wi-Fi and its coverage is up to 2,500 sq ft. It has 8 Wi-Fi streams and these streams help increase the bandwidth of your internet so you can experience true high speed internet. You can watch heavy duty 4K HD content and multi-player streaming can be done without any lag in the internet performance. 

This AT&T signal booster (ATT wifi extender) is built with four high powered antennas. One of its key features, smart roaming, keeps track of your network id and makes sure your device never gets disconnected no matter where you are within the range. You can connect every device from laptops, smartphones to IP cameras and IoT devices. 

Similar to Tp-Link ATT Wifi extender, Netgear has also come with an app which makes setting up Wi-Fi easy. The app also features management controls and lists of connected devices and such. This is another Wi-Fi extender with ethernet output, comes with four ethernet ports of one gigabyte. 

3. Google Nest Wifi Extender

Google Nest Wifi ATT Wifi extender boosts your internet up to 2200 Mbps. 

Coverage 4400 sq ft 

Ethernet port 2

Data transfer rate 2200 Mbps 

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Its coverage extends up to 4400 sq ft. It has 2 ports i.e. 2 router units. You have to plug one Wi-Fi router to the modem of your internet provider and then another router extends your Wi-Fi connection to other devices in your vicinity. And ethernet ports are included in both the routers. This google Wi-Fi extender is strong enough to handle 200 devices and effectively handles 4k HD streaming as well as multi-player streaming. 

First of all, the setup of this ATT Wifi extender is smoothly done with the help of Google home app. The voice control feature of this Wi-Fi booster gives it an added edge over the other ones in the market. Another key feature available with this Google Nest Wi-Fi extender is that you can prioritize devices so that the one at the top of the list gets faster internet. And if you’re a parent, you can manage the Wi-Fi availability for your kid’s devices. Automatic updates are also an added bonus. Creating a guest network and sharing passwords is done without any tedious process. Further, this AT&T Wi-Fi booster comes with two routers as already  mentioned but you can also choose to buy three ports if so required.

With two ports, your speed will be up to 4400 and with three, it can be boosted up to 6600 Mbps. However, your internet provider will mostly be held responsible for the strength and speed of your signal. A smart feature of this google Wi-Fi range booster is that it can intelligently switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz. However, there is no way for you to manually choose it which makes it hard for you to get desired bandwidth when the device fails to recognize the requirement. On top of that, you have to agree to the cloud option if you want to view the devices that are connected. There are chances of your device log ins and activity being stored in the cloud. 

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4. NETGEAR EX7700 ATT Wifi Extender

Netgear EX7700 ATT  Wifi extender covers up to 2300 sq ft and can connect up to 45 devices. 

Coverage 2300 sq ft 

Ethernet port 2

Data transfer rate 2200 Mbps 

This Wi-Fi repeater boosts your speed up to 2200 Mbps speed. Makes use of mesh technology for smart roaming wherein it uses your SSID name and makes sure your device does not get disconnected wherever you move. This mesh Wi-Fi extender has universal compatibility; gets along well with any wireless router, gateway, and cable modem with wifi. Any device from smartphones to IOT devices can be connected using this. 

Comes along with two gigabit ethernet ports for best high speed experience. 4k HD streaming and seamless multi-player streaming is easily accessible. You can use this Netgear Wi-Fi range extender safely as it supports wireless security protocols. The Netgear Analyzer app helps you find the optimal location to place your router. Much like Google nest Wi-Fi extender, this Wi-Fi extender also can intelligently choose between two bandwidths for smart usage of the internet. And you don’t have to spend much time setting it up, it’s all done with just a button! The parental controls are just as easy, you can set schedules for the devices effortlessly. 

However, this internet signal booster sometimes has a hard time trying to identify the signal. It doesn’t work reliably. The range and the internet does not live up to the advertised image. At the cost you buy this Wi-Fi extender, you can look into better options. 

5. NETGEAR EX7300 Wifi Extender

Netgear EX7300 ATT  Wifi extender works with your Wi-Fi to increase the coverage area and boost your internet speed. 

Coverage 2300 sq ft 

Ethernet port 1

Data transfer rate 2200 Mbps 

This signal booster has a coverage area of 2300 sq ft. You can connect as many as 40 devices. Ac2200 dual band wireless signal booster and repeater which boosts your internet speed up to 2200 Mbps. It makes use of smart mesh roaming which does not disconnect whenever you move to a different spot. Laptops, smartphones, speakers, IP cameras, IOT devices and all such devices can be connected. The Netgear app helps you locate the optimal location in your surroundings to place the router. And it also has an easy setup. Similar to Netgear EX7700, Netgear EX7300 Wi-Fi extender also supports wireless security protocols. The router is supplemented with one ethernet port for easy nearby wired connection. You can have connected as well as wireless devices connected to your router. 

The Netgear EX7300 Wi-Fi ATT extender works properly for a while but then you might face issues with internet connectivity. Rebooting it might help in certain cases. Either way, it might not be a valid choice for a long term product investment. 

6. Tp-Link AC2600 Wifi Extender

Tp-Link AC2600 ATT  Wifi extender has a quad antenna design which aims to provide ultimate coverage for every part of your house. 

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Coverage –

Ethernet port 1

Data transfer rate 2600 Mbps 

The four external antennas are designed in such a way for stronger and better coverage. The dual band Wi-Fi range extender boosts your internet speed up to 2600 Mbps speed. It’s compatible with any type of router. This AT&T Wifi-Fi extender has an indicator which helps you as you try to locate an optimal position for your extender between the router and your desired area. It makes use of Beamforming Technology that sends individual targeted signals to each device for better connection. Similar to other Wi-Fi extenders, it has ethernet ports that focus on high speed wired connection. 

Tp-Link AC2600 can be used to remove dead zones and spotty signal areas at your home. With 4 Wi-Fi streams, you can enjoy watching 4k HD videos and also have multiplayer streaming without any slow down in performance. A notable feature is that it is universally compatible. The Netgear Wifi extender intelligently processes and balances the demands of the devices connected to keep the connections fast and smooth. The ATT extender alerts you when there are critical updates that are to be made so that your device can stay up to date and top of its function. 

7. Opinion:

While the Netgear Wifi extender works great with the ethernet output, it has comparatively questionable performance when it comes to wireless connections. 

One thing you should keep in mind is that ATT  Wifi extenders help boost your Wi-Fi coverage and not necessarily your internet speed. Your internet speed is entirely up to your internet provider. However, how seamlessly your Wi-Fi booster helps you connect to your devices within its range is what really matters. 

Based on your need, you can pick a router with your desired coverage and the number of devices that can be connected. NETGEAR Nighthawk ATT  Wifi extender is a great option which has creditable coverage and can connect up to 30 devices. However, if what you are looking for is larger coverage, then Tp-Link AX6600 should be your go to as its range is up to 6000 sq ft. Not only that, it can handle up to 200 devices! Google Nest Wi-Fi extender is also a credible option as it has a coverage area of 4400 sq ft while also being able to handle 200 devices. 

With these ATT Wifi extenders at your home, you can relax outdoors in your ward without a worry and stream HD videos without batting an eye! 

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