5 Best 75 Gallon Water Heater- Guide, Pros and Cons

Water heaters are of absolute need in every common household – for many reasons that are frankly needless to mention. I mean, you use water everywhere (quite literally). Whether it is for regular drinking consumption(making your morning coffee or tea), or for cooking purposes – all the way to the most basic things like showers. Water is needed everywhere. Now when we talk about the 75 gallon water heater, they’re going to be associated more with the common day to day consumption purposes, both in terms of beverages and food. Seeing how necessary it is to be able to do even more basic things like heating your water well, I’m sure you’ll understand the need for a good, trustworthy and durable water heater. So, let’s get right into the 5 best 75 gallon water heaters that there are out there!  I assure you we’ll fetch you the best!

In this article, we’re going to be exploring water heaters that are either gas/wind powered. Yes, some of them are wind powered, and I’m sure we all know the benefits of natural sources of energy being involved in technology. 

1) AO Smith GDV-75-LP Residential LP Gas Water Heater

Let’s make things easy for you all to compare, we’ll make a pros and cons list for each product, and you can make the final decision! Sounds good? Let’s go!

Before we get into the specs of this gas water heater, I would just like to point out how this water heater is wind powered, and we could really use more devices of this nature and make up. The dimensions of this particular water heater are as follows: 26.25 x 26.25 x 76 inches, and this has a capacity of 75 gallons, and just for you to imagine, 1 gallon is approximately 4.5 liters of water, you can do the math! This is a residential water heater and is perfect for all homes and households!

Now a little more about this 75 gallon water heater itself, it has a push button, which makes lighting pilot fast and also easy with a one hand push button spark ignition that it contains. Now this is very convenient considering that we can get to kickstarting the heating process with a lot of ease. What eases the process of heat retention inside this water heater are the factory-installed heat trap nipples that it has – which basically aid the process with the technology they are made out of, which is exactly what is needed in a product of this nature and purpose. This is also a product that can be used easily. 


  • Wind powered – very environmentally friendly
  • One hand push button
  • Factory-installed heat trap nipples 
  • Durable


  • Very heavy, 350 pounds


2)  Reliance 75 XRRS 75 Gallon Gas Water Heater

Let’s get right into it! 

The next 75 gallon water heater at hand today, we have one from Reliance, that is known to be one that functions at optimum levels and also is substantiated with sufficient reviews and ratings of positive stature, that make this product and the brand it comes from, highly reliable. This yet again is a wind-powered water heater which bumps this up many notches for being environmentally friendly. What’s great about the package deal of this product is the fact that it comes with a six year warranty along with it and is fueled with natural gas. How great is that? 

Not only this, but this natural gas water heater has a green choice gas burner that reduces the harmful NOx(Nitrogen Oxide gas) emissions into the environment by a huge 33 percent, which is a percentage above regular gas burners. This is also a product that can be used with absolute ease. 


  • Wind-powered
  • 6 year warranty available, secures your investment
  • Green choice gas burner, reduces NOx emissions. 
  • Less harm to the environment. 
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • US household catered plug designs, not compatible with that of other countries’
  • Adapter needed 

It’s really not like we’re going to be carrying the 75 gallon water heaters around with us everyday, so realistically, how big of a problem is its weight? We have seen some solid pros outweighing this one disadvantage in this 75 gallon water heater, I think we know we can deal with it!

3)  75 gal. Commercial Gas Water Heater, NG, 75, 100 BtuH

We now have the third hot water heater which happens to be a Rheem water heater. 

The brand in itself is a pro because Rheem is known for its quality. Another point to be noted is the fact that this gas powered heater meets (in fact exceeds) all standards for thermal efficiency, which goes to show how the make up of this water heater is one that surpasses expectations in these fields. It also meets all safety construction requirements. By seeing a green flag in all of these sectors, we can tell that this 75 gallon water heater is definitely safe to invest in, and will not disappoint later in the future. This is also a product that can be used with absolute ease. 


  • All safety requirements met
  • Rheem – high quality brand
  • Surpasses standards for thermal efficiency 
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Gas powered, not wind 
  • Not as environmentally friendly 
  • US household catered plug designs, not compatible with that of other countries’
  • Adapter will be needed

4)  American Standard D-75-365 ASME 75 Gallon 365,000 BTU Commercial Water Heater

American Standard D-75-365 ASME ASME 75 gallon 365,000 BTU Heavy Duty...
  • Inner Dura glas lined tank fired at 1,600°f for optimum...

Moving on to the next 75 gallon water heater, we have a commercial gas water heater. The dimensions of this item are as follows: 30.25 x 30.25 x 75.75 inches, so you can really imagine the size of this commercial water heater, and its uses are hence more common in industries or for industrial purposes. It weighs a solid 923.83 pounds as well, so you can imagine how vast this 75 gallon water heater is! Diving into this 75 gallon water heater and the characteristics it possesses, we can see that it has an inner dura glass lined tank that really helps in providing optimum protection from corrosion, and I’m sure we all know how that’s great – because we won’t have to deal with the headache of investing again in order to make repairs!

Along with this, there also is non cfc foam insulation, which maximizes heat retention, which in turn works out in our favor, to save energy and also reduce fuel costs – all of which are factors that we need! For those of you who have studied chemistry, you’ll know the benefit of having anode rods posing as sacrificial elements in order to extend tank life and once again reduce corrosion. Operating costs are also reduced massively here during periods wherein you don’t need to use  the 75 gallon water heater, due to the motorized flue damper.


  • Inner dura glass lined tank – provides anti-corrosion protection. 
  • Don’t need to frequently repair or replace
  • Durable 
  • Anode rods pose as sacrificial elements 
  • Tank life extended 


  • US household catered plug designs, not compatible with that of other countries’.

That’s the only con available here, not that big of a deal, right?

5)  75 gal. Residential Gas Water Heater, NG, 75, 100 BtuH

Taking a look at the final 75 gallon water heater for today which also is a residential water heater, we have one that is perfect for all your households! Oh and how can I forget, it’s a Rheem water heater once again! In terms of dimensions, it is of ‎ 32.5 x 28 x 76.3 inches. This weighs a mere 277 pounds which makes it a good size for the type of use it will be put to. This particular 75 gallon water heater doesn’t have any necessary protruding pros that are any different from the other residential water heaters, but then again the brand this comes from is the pro over here!


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to use 
  • Residential 
  • 6 year warranty
  • Secured investment 


  • Gas powered 
  • Not as environmentally friendly

6. Opinion:

Come to think of it, there aren’t too many cons in all of the 75 gallon water heaters we saw today, which goes to show how these are all of great quality, and built to incorporate as many good traits as possible. So to wrap up, these 75 gallon water heaters are of absolute need in your households, and the commercial ones are perfect for your organizations/ industries. I would really recommend water heater number 2, for the brand that it comes from (Reliance) and for the fact that it is wind powered! That makes me feel like I’m associating myself with a product that won’t harm the environment, at least not as much as others could. What also is great is how it comes along with a 6 year warranty, the only one of the five 75 gallon water heaters we saw today that has something to back it up this much! Do let us know which water heaters you all went ahead with!

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